Butterblogger Writes Again!

20140305-223356.jpgYes, dear friends, Butterblogger has not passed into the internet ether. He has merely been on hiatus since his trip to Italy with D in December. But new episodes are upon us so you may rejoice!

For many a year now D has been encouraging me to visit Hawaii, and events have at long last conspired to take me to the Pacific (mostly a great fare!) so as I type this I am in a 757 somewhere between LAX and HNL.

It has been a long day of traveling, with the morning starting early on a small regional jet flying from Flint to Minneapolis. MSP is one of my least favorite airports, just because connections are never close to each other. Mine today took 20 minutes of brisk walking from gate to gate. Still, at least it isn’t CDG!From there my second flight took me to Los Angeles, where I spent my layover in the lounge (the roasted red pepper gouda soup was yummy). Los Angeles – Honolulu is the last leg of today’s voyage.

Overall the trip to Hawaii from Michigan is a substantially longer than a trip to Europe, but because I am taking multiple hops there is no free food on any flight, so I stopped at the store and brought a bag of almonds with me. And I have no other food about which to blog, unless you care about mediocre pretzels, peanuts, and biscoff cookies (which are not mediocre, to be honest).

When I booked this itinerary I was hoping for an upgrade, which wouldn’t have been possible on an ATL-HNL leg. An upgrade would have meant food and a more comfortable seat, but it was not to be. Perhaps on the trip home?

Oh oh oh! To add insult to injury, not only did I not get upgraded I am getting fewer miles than I would have had I flown through Atlanta, so I’m losing in both regards. Yes, FNT-MSP-LAX-HNL is a much more direct route than FNT-ATL-HNL. Who would have thought it?

Wait for it … it gets better … the person sitting immediately to my right (I am on the aisle, and she has a middle seat) has an unholy sheen of sweat on her forehead and just asked for a hospital mask. So I will spend the entire flight leaning into the aisle and breathing toward my left in what will probably be a futile effort not to get consumption. *sigh* (Update: at some point in the flight she stole my blanket. I don’t want it back)

In any case, dear readers and friends, watch this space, because glorious Butterblogger adventures are in the offing!

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