Where the Waters Once Spoke

Delphi! The navel of the world. Spiritual center of Ancient Greece. The Oracle. This is where the ancients looked for wisdom and guidance. This is one of the places the Roman Emperor Julian, from his capital in Constantinople, turned when he attempted to restore paganism to the empire during his brief reign from 361 – […]

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In Which Greece Goes Beyond

We set out from Napflio driving 2 hours to the southwest, deep into the Peloponnese and rural Greece. The condition of the roads here is extraordinary, with wide open highways, pristine tunnels, and smooth, easy pavement. Even the tiny country roads are well maintained, with rare congestion slowing us down. Our destination was far afield […]

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Wandering and Reflecting in Greece

This trip is drawing, at last, to its close, and we are due for a day of leisure. We started the morning with some basic preparations for the voyage ahead. Our experience with British Airways was disappointing, to say the least, so we aren’t particularly enthusiastic about the flights home.  When we booked this trip, […]

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