Really, It’s A Synagogue

Far too quickly, this trip is wrapping up. Today was my last full day, and I started the morning with a quick breakfast and a return train to Budapest. I finally understood something that happened on my outward trip. On that trip, the conductor came through and checked my ticket, and later in the trip […]

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In A Place of Broken Walls

I feel as though I’m starting the days a little later when I travel now, and I’m not trying to cram quite as much into a day, although that may reflect the fact that Bratislava is a smaller city, with fewer things for a tourist to do. As I consider this, I’m finding that it’s […]

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I’ll Almost Always Choose This

Two hundred and ninety six steps up I clambered to reach the viewing platform at the base of St. Stephen’s dome. The steps were straight and spiral and short and tall, the inconsistencies rendering the climb that much more exhausting. But I was never truly tired – not really. Nothing kept me from pressing always […]

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