Stupid Luggage

Remember the quick transfer in Paris? Well guess what didn’t make it with me. Yup — my checked bag. So I arrived in Florence and had to wait 3 hours at the airport for it to arrive on the next flight. While waiting there, I spoke with a couple from Montreal who were in the […]

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Well That Was Stupid of Me

I’m in mid layover in Montreal. Because I used miles for this flight and was able to get business class, I’m now sitting in the Air France lounge drinking complementary Mumm while looking at a gigantic A380 out the window. This really is a decadent way to fly. The lounge didn’t open until 2.5 hours […]

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We Do Like Canadians

I’m in the gate area waiting for my flight to board for Montreal. One disadvantage of using miles for this trip is the extra (long) connection in Canada. But we like the Canadians (so polite!), so I’m not perturbed by it. Also, it puts me on Air France rather than Delta for the bulk of […]

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