Answering A Call

Sometimes I want to go back to a place. No. It’s more than that: Sometimes I need to go back to a place. I feel an undeniable urge to return to a country that touches my heart and my soul, whose people are so welcoming, and whose culture and history resonate with me in a […]

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Hello, my friends. Your trusty travel blogger has, at last, returned. I probably should apologize, as the blog from last trip seems to have ended abruptly, as I didn’t really do a last post. Often I do a last post months later, but not this time. It just isn’t worth it, as nothing substantial happened […]

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Another March, Another Trip

Michigan is a grey place. Really it’s a profoundly grey place. We have all of the clouds of Seattle, but none of the excitement, and this starts to wear on all of us after some time, I think. This is particularly the case now, as the winter season wanes and our bodies and minds yearn […]

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Final Musings on Indonesia

Last random thoughts on the long journey back from Jakarta to Detroit. Indonesians are more frightening drivers than are Italians, but both have shocked my travel companions. In September, G took a video of the experience in Rome, and P did the same here. I will admit to a moment or two during which I […]

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