In The Presence of Masters

I alluded to something earlier this trip on at least two occasions. First, I said that there are some works that stand out and these works would remain important across parallel universes. Then I said that Bernini’s works really stole the show (not exactly those words). Well it’s time to continue the thought. Bernini and […]

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Yes, dear readers, Butterblogger is off, again, to Italy. This is his 11th trip, and this time he is going with his old friend, G. At the moment we are at JFK airport watching the many planes taxiing for our amusement. We both really like the livery of Egypt Air. To recap my prior trips […]

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Away But Not Forgotten

Butterblogger is back, my friends. The blog has long languished while your dear scribe has spent the last 5.5 months without using a single day of vacation. No whining from this end (perhaps a little), however, because balance must return to the universe, and likewise your blogger guide to the world has arisen again, with […]

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