Crossing the Atlantic

G may not have wanted to get up early this week, but she did, and today did so one last time so we could straighten up the apartment. While we were doing this, I called for the taxi to take us to the train station. A year ago I made a similar phone call that […]

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In The Presence of Masters

I alluded to something earlier this trip on at least two occasions. First, I said that there are some works that stand out and these works would remain important across parallel universes. Then I said that Bernini’s works really stole the show (not exactly those words). Well it’s time to continue the thought. Bernini and […]

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A Quiet Day of Recovery

Our time in Rome finally came to an exhausting close. Some things were hit, and many were missed, but that is the nature of travel. We can’t always do all of the things we would like as well as we would like. It is an ongoing series of choices and compromises out of which we […]

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