Theme Dinner: Corn

We’ve had many a TC since the last post, and some of the highlights have included: Creamy green garlic soup (just like I had in Vienna!), negronis, raisin pie, stuffed mushrooms, pasta with creamy kale and walnuts, warm goat cheese salad, sparkling wine with lemon granita and berries, homemade Twinkies, and a casserole of tater tots […]

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Fusion Dinner

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted to the blog. So many issues. A) I’m not on vacation and don’t seem to have the time B) There is no Top Chef at the moment, and although TC Masters improved about halfway through the season, it was tough getting there. C) We have had little […]

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Vegetarian Bacon!

This week for “Top Chef” night, we didn’t even bother watching the show. This season has been “Top Chef Masters,” and we have decided that it has been too boring for us to sit through another episode. I wonder if we will have to change names if we no longer are watching the show. We […]

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Chocolate Night … of Bliss

It’s Thursday, 23:11, and M and Richard just had to leave.  Dinner tonight was outstanding.  The theme was chocolate, and it was a big week for both M and Richard, so I felt it was time to go over the top. First, the wine. We featured 3 wines, and added a fourth.  The 2009 Pinot […]

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Dumplings Come Home

Another after-the-fact post. Ah well… the pictures will have to suffice for much of the information. Last week I jokingly suggested the theme for this week would be dumplings. Fortunately, I’m the only one who took it seriously. Mitch and Eileen brought savory eclair-style cream puffs with smoked salmon mousse. I have to admit that […]

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Better Late Than Never?

Ah … I’m so so so late in doing some updates.  I’m writing this on May 1, but it actually reflects the first Top Chef back from Austria on April 7.  Some names of dishes and descriptions are lost to memory.  But photos exist (mostly).  Deal with it. For TC tonight, we didn’t really have […]

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