So, On Monday…What Happens?

The plane hurtled up the runway in Nassau, gathering speed, and I looked out the window, ruminative, thinking about the week I had spent on a boat with strangers (I met Trish in January when I went to Cozumel, but didn’t really know her very well before this trip). As the wheels lifted off and […]

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Hello Again! See You soon!

I pulled an all-nighter last night. That’s just how work has been lately. I wasn’t on call, but I spent the last two days doing a telemedicine clinic that was so busy that I simply had no choice but to toil until nearly midnight completing the work. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends […]

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When The Harbor Was Closed

The wind whistled in over the breakwall, singing an angry song as it sliced through the palm roofed cabana where the empty rainbow-hued hammocks gyrated wildly. The waves beat ferociously at the concrete barricade, casting liquid shards of water in all directions. Sarita, one of the other divers who happens to be from Michigan, was […]

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In Which I Look To The Light

I’m not really a photographer, but I don’t have a better term for a hobbyist who takes photos. In contrast, amongst people who cook, a chef has a very defined title, and I’m not a chef – I’m a cook. That said, as a photographer I tend to prefer shooting with natural light. You may […]

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In Which Everything Goes Great

I jumped into the water and began my descent, all the while watching the screen of my former backup dive computer, now in the starring role. I wondered briefly when it would wake up and do its thing, and after about 10 seconds I had my answer as it sprung to life and started feeding […]

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