Winding Things Up In Hanoi

Last night’s dinner was followed by karaoke. The food on the boat is OK – but not what I’ve had in Hanoi (I’m still haunted by the memory of that green papaya salad from the first night) or even on the trail in SaPa. Anyway, some time after Hotel California, I excused myself to my […]

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Some Values Are Universal

There was some sort of animal living the ceiling of my bedroom last night. I don’t think it was a large creature, but rather a small one. Perhaps a burrowing insect of some sort – maybe even a family of termites or carpenter ants – I’m assuming they have some variety of both here. Whatever […]

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They Save Umbilical Cords Here

With the slightest of groans and the merest of lurches the overnight train started to move, pulling out of the station in Hanoi. I will spend tonight on the rails, in a four bed berth that I share with two travelers from Holland and a young Vietnamese man who does not speak English. I am […]

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