Hygiene Smigiene

It’s time to go home. The ultimate proof is my deteriorating hygiene. It’s not my fault, really. My beard trimmer was discharged somewhere between DTW and CPH, so I haven’t been able to trim the beard (I have been shaving around the edges though). Then on the flight from CPH to AMS the electric toothbrush […]

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Another Precarious Climb? Yes!

First day in Amsterdam and we started out the morning foraging for food. This is my fault. The hotel was charging quite a bit for breakfast, so I decided it would be better to just stop at a cafe for a quick bite. This would have worked in Italy, Britain, or Austria. Not so much […]

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SAS is a Very American Airline

Note: I’m posting this late, due to exhaustion and wifi issues. Get over it. Last day of the conference today, and I had to leave a couple hours early to catch the flight to Amsterdam, so after breakfast I went to the conference and sat through a few sessions and then returned to the hotel […]

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The Universal Language of Bacon

Okay. I admit it — I cheated… Last night’s update was actually not posted until this morning. I’m glad I got that off my chest and can now move on. Anyway I spent all day at the conference, and even went a little over due to a late meeting. During the free time between talks, […]

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Beet This!

So I got up this morning expecting an entirely typical day, and for the most part it was. I went and had breakfast, which didn’t suck, and noted the other guy at my hotel who is also going to the conference. I knew this because he was wearing his name badge at a hotel 3 […]

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