The Secret of Nimb

Another day in Copenhagen come and gone, and time for a few words before bed. We aren’t staying at the conference hotel, and I’m glad. The conference is way outside of town – I prefer to be in the city, which is where we are. I like to be able to step outside the hotel […]

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Ah … Now I Can Sleep

After getting checked in to the hotel last night, it was well past 11, so Mom and I went right to bed, getting up early for breakfast and conference. The conference was great, with really good talks. Mostly. I must confess that after the long flight, however, that hours in a dark auditorium were a […]

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Worst. Airport. Ever.

Yup, we missed our connection in CDG. We would have been fine – should have been fine – because the plane landed early. I was encouraged, knowing what a charley foxtrot of an airport this is. Then we had to wait for a gate, and didn’t disembark until 20 minutes after our scheduled arrival, with […]

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