Worst. Airport. Ever.

Yup, we missed our connection in CDG. We would have been fine – should have been fine – because the plane landed early. I was encouraged, knowing what a charley foxtrot of an airport this is.

Then we had to wait for a gate, and didn’t disembark until 20 minutes after our scheduled arrival, with less than an hour to make it through passport control and cross terminals to reach the plane. It simply couldn’t be done, and that much became clear when we saw the lines of huddled masses waiting for a stamp on their passports. We appealed for help from women dressed in orange sherbet dresses, emploring, “my flight is boarding,” only to have them scowl at us with a Randian eye, shrugging imperiously, saying “you will have to take another flight.” We reached our departure gate precisely at departure time, but the plane had long since boarded, and after standing in another Dickensian line we were, indeed, rebooked on a later departure.

And so we wait for that flight. We will arrive at Copenhagen after dark, which had not been my preference. Alas.


The flight from DTW to CDG was overall a good flight, smooth, and with good service. but I miss business class where the booze flows freely and frequently. Still, we had champagne with dinner, which started with a salad of corn, edamame, and pastrami. There was a light, slightly peppery vinaigrette on the salad, and it was actually decent. Much better than a green salad could possibly ever have been. I just didn’t love the pastrami, which got lostb – prosciutto would have been a better choice, I think.

For my main i considered the options of chicken with mustard and rice vs cod brandade. My general rule has been to avoid fish in flight, just because people have enough difficulty preparing it on land. The additional variable of an aircraft kitchen is a disaster waiting to happen. Still, since mom was going with the chicken (which she liked), and because Air France serves enough for a training table meal, I risked the fish. My conclusion: it didn’t suck. But boy oh boy was it salty. It was pieces of cod in a creamy salt sauce served around a mound of potatoes. The potatoes were required to balance the salt bomb, but it was actually mot bad airplane food. As a bonus, I remain healthy hours later, so am feeling good about my selection.

We were also served a roll, chocolate-raspberry cake, cheese, and Kozy Shack rice pudding, the latter of which is earning a special place in my heart. Xoxo

After watching The Avengers (why didn’t I get around to seeing this in the theater? I’m an idiot!) I napped for a bit and then woke to breakfast of a muffin, yogurt, orange juice, and cappuccino. Followed by frantic trip to a plane I wouldn’t catch.

While waiting in the airport we had lunch of quiche Lorraine (mom) and duck with potatoes (me). The latter was basically like a shepherds pie made with duck, albeit pretty much just meat. The actual name of the dish escapes me, but it was ok. I certainly could have done worse.

And now we continue our wait for the next flight with a few lingering words for the French. It doesn’t behoove anybody to have 20 stations for passport control if you only staff 5 of them. Especially during peak hours. Just sayin.

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