We have been circling over southwestern Michigan due to inclement weather in Chicago. After about a half hour of this the captain has made an announcement. It is in French initially, but I can understand one word. It fills me with hope. After a moment, there is the English announcement: we have been rerouted to Detroit. My trip home just got shorter. Yay!

Then the bad news. The bursar says I won’t be deplaning in Detroit unless the flight is cancelled. T turns out I have to follow my bags, and since they can’t get the bags off of the plane, I have to complete the trip with them. Argh.

So we sat at the gate in Detroit for 2 hours while I hoped for a cancellation, which thankfully finally occurred.

And when I went to collect my bags …. It turned out they had missed the transfer in Paris and had arrived at Detroit on the direct flight.

So now I am back at home on terra firma. And Exhausted!

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