Final Musings on Indonesia

Last random thoughts on the long journey back from Jakarta to Detroit. Indonesians are more frightening drivers than are Italians, but both have shocked my travel companions. In September, G took a video of the experience in Rome, and P did the same here. I will admit to a moment or two during which I […]

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Goodbye and Terima Kasih

Final morning on Lombok. Final sunrise. We stepped out the door of our hotel room, and were met with the warmest, sunniest day here. The tallest Balinese volcano (Mount Agung) was clearly visible beyond the waves. Agung is the fifth tallest volcano in Indonesia, whereas ours on Lombok (Mount Rinjani) is the second tallest. It […]

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…Such A Lovely Place…

  The vacation resort thing is new for me. As you know, we got here late last night, had dinner, and went to bed. Our room here, as in Jogja, has an outdoor bathroom and shower. I’m still trying to figure out why I want this in a malaria- and dengue fever- endemic region. This […]

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