In the Solitude of Crowds

This morning, I rose, had breakfast, and packed before heading out into the streets of Tokyo where I found myself strolling, contemplative, under low grey skies in one of the world’s greatest cities.  I walked through the very expensive shopping district, following a vague trajectory, but mostly headed where my feet would wander. Somewhere along […]

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Something’s Fishy Around Here

The Japanese eat a lot of fish. This is an island country, so nothing about that statement should be surprising. I enjoy fish, but if I didn’t do so, then travel here might be difficult because it can show up in unexpected places. For example, P stated this morning that the boiled vegetables at breakfast […]

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A Journey To Old Japan

We woke this morning and checked out of our hotel. Our train wouldn’t be leaving for a few hours, so we we used the spare time to visit the old imperial palace. The Japanese Imperial Palace was located at this site from the 12th century until 1869 when the capital was moved to Tokyo. Over […]

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