Number Fifteen: Memories of Sicily

Hoisting our swollen bags into the back of the waiting cab, I looked up and down the inky streets to where the anemic auras of the sparsely spaced streetlights labored feebly against the obsidian dark of the early morning. These narrow corridors, that only a few hour ago were alive with revelers, now sighed restfully […]

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A Moment In Ortigia

Sometimes, when I travel, it’s good not to have an agenda. It’s good to just be. To be in the time, and in the place, and to wander whatever city I’m visiting. Surprises happen on days like this. Sometimes. But usually they don’t. The world doesn’t stop or anything as dramatic as that. In fact, […]

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On The Road to Southern Sicily

As you walk to the south east along via Maqueda, you will come to via Cavour which is where the grid of Palermo’s newer streets ends and the more chaotic ancient layout of the old city begins. Here, at the corner, stands Teatro Massimo. Teatro Massimo is unmissable, as she stands grandly in her square, […]

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