The World Is Waiting

I’m flying home after another remarkable week in Turkey, my plane somewhere high in the sky above Ontario as I start to write this. This year, 2020, has been difficult for many of us, and some of our essential stress-relievers have been taken away. For me, one of those pop-off valves is travel, my periodic […]

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When You Know A Place

A place has a certain feeling about it, a resonance that interacts with your senses and tells you you’re there. Some parts of a locale hit you immediately, but others take time. I am intimately familiar with some of my spaces. My homes. My cities. Those are the easiest ones – I can tell you […]

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In The Place of Myth and Legend

The sign stood waiting to alert me, its letters spelling out its caution in 2 languages. “Warning! Flammable Area” This was at the bottom of the Mount Chimaera flame field. As I had started my morning on the opposite side of the mountain, I had entered the field from above, so the sign showed up […]

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