Eating In the Garden

There are a lot of olive trees here. They’re everywhere. It makes sense, I guess, as this small island produces 5% of the world’s olive oil. They don’t really have an established identity in the international olive oil market. Instead, the Cretan olives get exported to other countries, such as Italy and Spain, where they […]

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On Into Tuscany

We left Bologna today, heading south. Sometimes when I travel I have a plan that I mostly stick with, whereas other times I find unexpected things to do along the way. When I travel with friends, this happens more often, and in this case D had heard about the Ducati factory just outside of Bologna. […]

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The German Pain Scale

Conference day today. They canceled my postgraduate course, but offered me a different course. Given that I had considered both of these options, I’m not torn up about it. One (minor) problem with being in the conference is this: I don’t have much to blog about, so I’ll make some general observations. German, for example, […]

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Out From London and On To Berlin

   My brief visit to London finally has drawn to a close. I rose early, showered, packed, and headed out to the Borough Market, near London Bridge, stopping only briefly for an English Breakfast.     I went to the market on the recommendation of L, but unfortunately got there at 10 am when they opened, […]

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