A Day in Oxford, and a Discovery

I woke early this morning, took one last walk to the Thames and said goodbye to London (“Look kids! Big Ben! Parliament!”) I arrived in Oxford a bit later that morning. Oxford is a lovely, inspirational, aspirational city. The weight of the years grounds her in grand heavy halls, while her graceful spires raise her […]

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Pure Decadence

It’s Tuesday, and this was my last day in London. I just can’t believe the time has gone so quickly. Then again, even with years in this city I would still be unable to claim to have seen it all. She is vast. Moreso than Vienna, she goes on and on. In Vienna most of […]

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Family Jewels

Today we (P, L, C, C, M, and I) went to London. P and L for the day, where as C, C, and M were returning to C and M’s place. For me it was time to check into my dorm room at the LSE. Before doing so, however, we had eggs with asparagus as […]

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The Disappearing Post

I’m not rewriting this post. I first wrote it somewhere in the air over the Atlantic. The first time Then it was rewritten again. Now You get notes and pictures … get over it This story begins in BOS, with the Delta gate agent announcing that my flight was overbooked and asking for volunteers to […]

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