The Disappearing Post

I’m not rewriting this post. I first wrote it somewhere in the air over the Atlantic. The first time Then it was rewritten again. Now You get notes and pictures … get over it

This story begins in BOS, with the Delta gate agent announcing that my flight was overbooked and asking for volunteers to take a later flight. “No sane person would do this” for an international flight, I thought, rather self centeredly. Shortly thereafter, I was called to the check-in desk, which I approached with a great deal of trepidation, fearing I had been bumped. The gate agent gave me a new ticket and I looked at it, confused. I stared at the seat number wondering “4C? Where is 4C?”. It took me a few moments to process … I had been upgraded to World Business Class! I was giddy. I blabbered something incomprehensible and thanked the gate agent and told him the absolute truth, that at that moment he was my asbsolute favorite person in the world.

I boarded and claimed my roomy lie-flat seat, sat back and enjoyed a nice glass of champagne while the rest of the passengers came aboard.

Warm nuts, cab


Dinner. No veg soup? Crab, salad, lime


Beef a little overcooked. Broccoli grey, but taste ok. nice bit of acid in risotto. Nice

No cheese course. Had ice cream.

Breakfast of fruit, muesli, yogurt

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