The Disappearing Post

I’m not rewriting this post. I first wrote it somewhere in the air over the Atlantic. Then it was rewritten again. Now you get notes and pictures … get over it

This story begins in BOS, with the Delta gate agent announcing that my flight was overbooked and asking for volunteers to take a later flight. “No sane person would do this” for an international flight, I thought, rather self centeredly. Shortly thereafter, I was called to the check-in desk, which I approached with a great deal of trepidation, fearing I had been bumped. The gate agent gave me a new ticket and I looked at it, confused. I stared at the seat number wondering “4C? Where is 4C?”. It took me a few moments to process … I had been upgraded to World Business Class! I was giddy. I blabbered something incomprehensible and thanked the gate agent and told him the absolute truth, that at that moment he was my asbsolute favorite person in the world.

I boarded and claimed my roomy lie-flat seat, sat back and enjoyed a nice glass of champagne while the rest of the passengers came aboard.

Warm nuts, cab


Dinner. No veg soup? Crab, salad, lime


Beef a little overcooked. Broccoli grey, but tasted ok. nice bit of acid in risotto. Nice

No cheese course. Had ice cream.

Breakfast of fruit, muesli, yogurt

March 29, 2021

In the early days of the blog I used to compose directly in the WordPress app, even when offline. The software may have improved, but I can’t confirm that because, after losing a few posts to the ether, I don’t use that workflow anymore. Now I write in a word processor (Pages) and paste the text into WordPress when I have internet access.

I could have fixed the text here, but decided to leave it as sparsely written as it ended up.

The most memorable aspect of this flight, in addition to the great upgrade, was the flight attendant. He was very brusque and impatient. He almost took the fun out of the upgrade.


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