We have been circling over southwestern Michigan due to inclement weather in Chicago. After about a half hour of this the captain has made an announcement. It is in French initially, but I can understand one word. It fills me with hope. After a moment, there is the English announcement: we have been rerouted to […]

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Strung Out on Caffeine

I got up this morning, had a quick breakfast, and headed out into the town. One thing I’ve quickly noticed about Turin is that it’s people love their chocolate and their coffee. They’re everywhere, and in fact you can (and should) get both together! I can’t begin to tell you how many cups of espresso […]

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It’s a Mere Snack, Really

Today I got up and had a light breakfast that seemed to be entirely insufficient in the eyes of the cousins. After that we had to go downtown, and we used the opportunity to visit Teatro Massimo, which is the large opera house in Central Palermo. The business took longer than expected, so things were […]

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