This is my first blog. It started years ago at the request of some dear friends when I took a trip to Austria. They wanted to hear what I was doing. Following that trip I also included some weekly Top Chef night meal reports, but since then the blog has returned to its original cause and has focused almost entirely on my voyages.

After the first trip I could have stopped blogging, but continued for very personal reasons. Those reasons today are no longer exactly what they once were, but I have persisted for other, more obvious reasons. Somewhere along the line it has become a diary, of sorts, for my travels. I have looked back years later at some of my posts, with sentimental smiles and mirthful memories, and I am grateful that I have this record that has reminded me of many a forgotten nuance.

There is a good and bad to my tales. I fully understand that sometimes the posts become a boring series of me stating that “I did ‘x’ then I did ‘y.'” I really do try to avoid this, however, and try to remind myself to capture the more introspective moments, or at least to be more descriptive. Sometimes I even succeed. I would like to think that my readers enjoy the escapades despite these shortcomings. And I truly hope some of you out there get some laughs and happiness from my foibles.

And who knows, maybe someday we will feature another butter tasting (yes that really did happen once – that’s where the name Butterblogger originated).

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