Against Medical Advice

I finally woke – I mean really woke and was able to sit up and process things, at 10 am. I had periodically stirred all night, always noting that the empty 500ml IV bag had not been replaced. At some point breakfast came, involving milk and something I could not eat, so I had kept […]

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A Most Imperfect Day

“[Butterblogger] are you OK? Are you OK? You passed out,” is the first thing I remember when I came to. I had woken this morning with a headache and some gastrointestinal symptoms. So I medicated and ate breakfast and was feeling great. My symptoms were truly minor. Our hotel brings a breakfast tray to our […]

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A Near Perfect Day

In the darkening purple light of a disappearing day, we wound down toward the Amalfi Coast via the pass that cuts from the northern side of the Sorrentine Peninsula to the southern, hugging hairpin turn after hairpin turn. “This is curvy, but I didn’t think it would be this bad,” Lisa groaned, “This is like […]

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