…Such A Lovely Place…


The vacation resort thing is new for me. As you know, we got here late last night, had dinner, and went to bed. Our room here, as in Jogja, has an outdoor bathroom and shower. I’m still trying to figure out why I want this in a malaria- and dengue fever- endemic region. This basically means I have to worry about DEET coverage of even more of my body than I otherwise would. I really don’t want to have to apply DEET to some areas. And then I also imagine bats nesting in the covered area. Yes I am not a fan of the outdoor bathroom.

This morning we got up and really had a chance to look around. The grounds are beautiful. Stunning. Breathtaking, even. We are staying in a postcard. There are three infinity pools that look out over the beach and the sea. The entire resort is impeccably kept, and the staff bend over backwards to help us.

The beach itself – kinda dirty, with plenty of flotsam and jetsam washing up. Thats why they have the pools. There’s a reality check for you!

In the distance to the west is the island of Bali – we could just barely see the Balinese volcano through the morning haze. Hopefully we will get a better view at some point while we are here.

We had breakfast. I had the chicken rice porridge, which was a new flavor combination for me, and I really liked it a lot.

After breakfast we went to the desk and arranged a tour for tomorrow.

The rest of the day? Here’s the problem with a resort. I can only lay out in the sun so long. Same with the pool. And they can offer all the distractions they want, but at some point I get bored. I’ve reached that point already. And then the rain came.

Torrential rains beat against the trees and we found ourselves sheltering indoors until the 5 pm happy hour. When we ventured out, P prompted me to ask one of staff where I would get an umbrella. The gentleman promptly handed me his and ran off into the early evening drizzle. I clearly had been set up, and I thanked P for making me look like a jerk.


As we nursed our mai-tais, the last of the rains slowed, the sun set, and the waves pounded against the seawall. Our server asked where we are from, and I gave my new answer. I start with “America,” which is usually met by a response of, “Obama is wonderful.” Then they ask where in America, but nobody knows Detroit, so I’ve given up on telling them that – it just doesn’t work. Now I tell them I am from New York. The first time I did this, P made fun of me, but now he gives the same answer.

Dinner was really good (shredded grilled tuna), just not spectacular, and then we were off to bed. Tomorrow we have planned a day away from the grounds of the resort. I am hoping for the best. To be clear, I am not dissatisfied that we came here. This resort has a lot going for it and the model is a new way of travel for me, although one I definitely wouldn’t choose as a primary form of vacation. I have long suspected this would be the case and our brief foray here has proved this.

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