The Sequelae are Evident

Just watched TC with Mitch, Eileen, Richard, and Joe.  Michael had to leave early. Unfortunately I am entirely exhausted at the moment and can’t begin to respond, as I think the trip is catching up with me.  However, I have pictures 0f tonight’s meal to post at another time, and post them I will. Of […]

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What Would Jesus Charge?

So how did I spend my afternoon? Well it started with me collapsing, exhausted, in front of the Karlskirche, which has a 236 foot high dome. Once my feet had recovered some circulation, I decided to explore the church. I paid the €6 admission and entered the sanctuary, which was, of course, lovely. On some […]

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We’re Gonna Miss You Carla

Another Top Chef episode has come and gone. I am sad to see Carla go. She seems like a truly, truly nice person (who happens to have Graves disease – glad it has been treated). In her absence, I would like to see, in order of preference, Antonia, Tiffany, Richard, and then Mike win. In […]

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Bacon and Giggles

Top Chef night, March 3. I decided to make stuffed dates in harissa using a recipe from SanChez in Grand Rapids. I could have probably bought harissa off the shelf, but just had to make my own. The difficulty with this is twofold. First, there are many different recipes, apparently reflecting the different cuisines of […]

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