Away But Not Forgotten

Butterblogger is back, my friends. The blog has long languished while your dear scribe has spent the last 5.5 months without using a single day of vacation. No whining from this end (perhaps a little), however, because balance must return to the universe, and likewise your blogger guide to the world has arisen again, with plenty of travel and food in the offing.

So what do you have to look forward to in the next few months? Well, next week, we will start with a voyage back to an old favorite with an old friend. G (some of you know her well!) will be joining me on this escapade as we pay a visit to some new places, as well as some very familiar ones. I just can’t wait! Later in the fall you can expect a trip to a place you have seen once before. That trip was brief but spectacular, and finally marred by ignominious defeat. Butterblogger promises success this time. And finally, the New Year will find Butterblogger on the wing to a new continent and entirely new experiences. But first he really must get his Japanese Encephalitis vaccine!

Vacation season is upon us, dear readers! Fasten your seatbelts and loosen your belts! It’s going to be a dazzling (and tasty) few months ahead!!!

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