Back to the Mainland and the Tundra

IMG_0997Morning came too soon and we had a quick, albeit boring, breakfast at the hotel. D dropped me off at Kona Airport.


This, again is an outdoor airport.


That’s the boarding area.

My first flight took me to Honolulu. I like Hawaiian Airline. Perhaps I should try to fly them more often.


Next flight was HNL to LAX. Happily I got the last upgrade seat. Which meant a lay flat seat (sleep) and food. And a free Mai Tai during boarding.


In first, we also got food, which wasn’t served in the main cabin. The meal was short ribs with garlic mashed potatoes. It was OK. It’s airline food – I’ve definitely had better, but have also had worse.

During the layover in LA I considered rerouting my next flight to DTW. This was an option because we were slightly late leaving HNL. I seriously considered doing so because I had heard about a bad snow storm threatening Michigan. I eventually decided against it because my car was in Flint. I would take this risk.

As it turns out, I should have gone to DTW. The seat from LAX to ATL was like a board. Ouch! And when I arrived in ATL, my direct flight to Flint was cancelled and they were rerouting me to Flint via Minneapolis. What?!?!

I actually considered taking this flight, which would have meant extra miles, but if I got stuck in Minneapolis, I wouldn’t get a hotel because the cancellation was weather-related. So instead I had them reroute me to DTW, and I managed the rest of the trip from there (with some help from friends).


Hawaii was wonderful. I really will have to go back someday. I have barely scratched the surface of one island – there are others to see.

But I also have other places to go ….

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