Hello, my friends. Your trusty travel blogger has, at last, returned. I probably should apologize, as the blog from last trip seems to have ended abruptly, as I didn’t really do a last post. Often I do a last post months later, but not this time. It just isn’t worth it, as nothing substantial happened on the last day, other than bidding farewell to my friends as they drove off to their morning dives. 

I stayed at the resort, sunning and settling up any remaining tabs and tips. Eventually a cab took me to the airport where I bought some rum and headed back home to Detroit, with a layover in Atlanta. The only remarkable aspect of the flight home was that I was able to catch an earlier connection back to Detroit, but my bags didn’t make it with me, so I still had to return to the airport at midnight to pick up my scuba gear.

So where am I now, almost two months later? I’m relaxing in the lounge in Detroit writing my blog while I wait for my next flight. This will be my first long-haul flight on Air France in quite a while, but it was a great deal so I had to go for it.

France? What? No, of course not. I do intend to go, someday, but there is a great deal of Italy still to explore. This will be my fourteenth trip, and I haven’t hit nearly enough of the many regions. This time I will once again have a mix of familiar and new sites to visit, as D will be joining me, and there are some essentials he needs to catch up on.

Anyway, my friends, Butterblogger has returned. Please join me the next few days for more escapades in Italy

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