Well That Was Stupid of Me

I’m in mid layover in Montreal. Because I used miles for this flight and was able to get business class, I’m now sitting in the Air France lounge drinking complementary Mumm while looking at a gigantic A380 out the window. This really is a decadent way to fly. The lounge didn’t open until 2.5 hours into the layover, though, so I was left entertaining myself for a while.


Being in a Canadian airport I wanted genuine Canadian food. The closest I came was the Burger King poutine. I haven’t had poutine before, and suspect I still haven’t. The fries were swimming in a pool of gravy (I think there should be less) and the cheese curds were softer than I expected. However, I sense the glimmer of the idea there and want to try the real thing sometime.

The other issue that arose was a purchase I made back in Detroit. I had been trying to think of something authentically Michigan to give the cousins and picked up a couple things, but in Detroit I saw a jar of Sanders Hot Fudge. It strikes me as very Detroit and I thought it would be one more little thing to give them. I bought the (very heavy) jar for them without realizing that the TSA (or Canadian equivalent) would classify it as a liquid or gel. Which they do. I didn’t have the heart to just throw it out, so I bought a croissant and ate it in small pieces, smearing each one with gobs of the gooey chocolatey ambrosia. It was fantastically blissfully obscene. And my carryon got lighter to boot!

In conclusion it was a stupid purchase that worked out ok in the end. And some night when I’m uninspired for TC, the gang just might get Croissants and Hot Fudge.

May 3, 2021

This post is also fairly unremarkable, but points to my early tendency to overblog some parts of the journey. Even so, I still recall sitting in the airport eating as much fudge as quickly as I can. It’s so wrong, and yet so right.

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