My Climb in Athens

Well, we made it. We had to get up at an ungodly hour this morning, but we caught the 625 am flight out of Chania to Athens. The only hiccough arose when we arrived at the new hotel and our room (prepaid for early arrival) wasn’t ready. Instead we ate breakfast in the lobby and […]

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Eating In the Garden

There are a lot of olive trees here. They’re everywhere. It makes sense, I guess, as this small island produces 5% of the world’s olive oil. They don’t really have an established identity in the international olive oil market. Instead, the Cretan olives get exported to other countries, such as Italy and Spain, where they […]

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You Knew This Day Was Coming

Well I guess we should have seen this coming. The day of closures. Because sometimes even the best laid plans must be up-ended. I thought Monday would be the problem day, and planned accordingly. Today was Tuesday… We slept in a bit this morning, had a late breakfast and were on our way. On this […]

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Nope, No Minotaurs

This was a crazy morning. We woke early and headed out before sunrise. Crete, it turns out, is a large island, and some of the most ancient things we wanted to see were at the far end of the landmass away from our hotel. We first traveled East, then South. We hadn’t eaten breakfast, but […]

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Happy Easter!

χριστός-ἀνέστη! That’s how they say Happy Easter here: Christos Anesti!  Yes it is Easter here. Orthodox Easter fell very late this year. We didn’t plan to be in Greece for Easter, which is comparable to Christmas back home, but only recently discovered the coincidence.   Where is here? Right now we are in Crete, the […]

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