Even Yoda Might Be Jealous

I got to Bolzano around noon, dropped off my luggage and immediately went to have gelato. It was blissful (for those wondering, I chose gianduja and pistachio). Only after sating my gelato craving did I go to see Ötzi. He’s been dead over 5,000 years now, and doesn’t look that bad, all things considered. Heck, […]

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An Important Revelation

The conference is finally over and I’m officially on vacation. Of course, the day ended at 5 so I didn’t have any significant time for sightseeing. Basically, I got out and wandered around town a bit more before dinner. One thing on which I’ve yet to comment are the giant plexiglass pyramids they have erected […]

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Thoughts on Salzburg

I have two more evenings left in beautiful Salzburg. I’ve been at the conference most of my time here and haven’t really had an opportunity to engage in any tourist-oriented activities. No castles. No salt mines. No Mozart (other than Mozartkugel). No Sound of Music. You might think I would want to stay an extra […]

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Comfort Food and Antlers

Yesterday, lunch was conference food. We will speak of that no more. Last night found me at the dinner table with an old friend, Jane from Cincinnati. She and her husband are really both wonderful people and I’m so glad I got to see them. We ended up at a tavern recommended in their Rick […]

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