I Don’t Know What That Is. Please Bring Me One

I finally made it to Bologna. After arriving in Rome, I hopped the train to Termini, the central station, and after a harrowing sprint through the station just barely made my train. I slept sparingly during the two hour ride, then picked my way through the searing streets, the Bolognese porticoes offering meager shelter, to finally meet L and B at the apartment. The apartment is wonderful. It has two terraces nestled and shelled from the crush of the town. And it also has air conditioning.

Yes it is warm here. Significantly warmer than home. It is supposed to be 90 on Sunday (tomorrow) and I will have to dress lightly.

Tonight we discussed dinner, and B had identified a candidate restaurant down the street. I wasn’t quite ready so we stopped in an Enoteca where I had a drink called a Sbagliato. It is made with sweet vermouth, Campari, and prosecco. Very much like a negroni. This has allowed the streets to cool a bit and my appetite to build, so we head to eat.

The restaurant has a summer menu, from which I chose the tagliatelle al limone and vitello tonnato.

The tagliatelle is light, with a gentle flavor of lemon despite the little bits of lemon scattered throughout. There is prosciutto as well. I am sweaty from the travel and physically spent and this dish refreshes and renews me.

The vitello tonnato was a blind choice. My eye kept returning to it, but I didn’t know what it was. The name literally seems to tranlate to tuna’ed veal. With the waiter standing over me, I decided to order it. It arrived as a plate of yellowish goo with some capers scattered on top. Underneath this was thinly sliced veal. The sauce seemed to fall somewhere between a mayonnaise and a hollandaise. As I would later read, it is a mayonnaise in which canned tuna is blended. Honestly, the tuna was not strong at all, and I rather liked the dish, although it could have used just a squirt of lemon juice. It was surprisingly light, with the disclaimer that I felt compelled to remove a bit of the excess sauce.

From here we returned to the apartment and collapsed.

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