Best Name for a Wine Bar. Ever!

Crawling out of bed early this morning, I met L and B for breakfast on the balcony. For me this was a pastry and some figs that are so fantastically ripe they are just dripping with sugar. Following breakfast we headed to the best-named museum in the world: the MAMbo. Museum of modern art of […]

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Coke Hates Americans

Well that was a nice flight. There was a 45 minute delay resulting from an inconsolable child who was traveling alone. I don’t know the story but felt really bad for her. Eventually they just had to take her off of the plane, and we were on our way. From there out the flight was […]

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And Again Butterblogger is Aloft

Yes dear friends, Butterblogger is again on the wing. He is headed on yet another excursion to Italy, with new travel companions, L and B. In all honesty Butterblogger is a high maintenance traveler and will meet them in Bologna. Until he arrives there, he is touching base from the lounge at JFK. There is […]

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