The Post Where We Visit the Garage

Yet another time-lapsed post. I’m writing this on March 5, 2014, so some details have been lost over the course of the last three months. Deal with it!


Last day in Rome and we have another tour planned. AM is to guide us through the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. Passing through the very modern entrance we eventually must make a decision. There are numerous museums here, and we must decide which, if any, we would like to see. Treading beyond the usual choices, we decide to see the Papal garage.




Yup – cars and carriages. AM is very knowledgeable even here, and continues to astound and amuse us with details and stories as we examine pope-mobiles old and new(er).

Finally we go to the Sistine Chapel. The room is packed with people who are trying to point out various aspects of the ceiling and walls in hushed tones. Still there is a din of whispers and we are repeatedly shushed by the designated shushers at the door.

Finally after a tour of St. Peter’s Basilica and the Papal catacombs AM leaves us at a trattoria and we are on our own.


After lunch, I have gelato. I have had hardly any this trip, and my soul demands it.


The afternoon finds us shopping for a few souvenirs and memories before our final meal here.

Dinner is at Pietro Valentini, which features slow food. We are greeted warmly by Simona who is an absolute delight, going out of her way in every respect to keep us happy.


We start with fritto misto, which is a plate of mixed fried foods. There are artichokes, cheese, rice balls, mushroom balls (neither of us likes mushrooms), carrot balls, and zucchini flowers.





Regarding the rest of the meal, dear readers, I will leave you with pictures and no prose. Yes there is osso buco and pasta with puttanesca sauce (I think) but many months have passed since I ate this and primarily I am left with memories of excellent food and service.

We depart, and head to the Trevi Fountain to give obeisance (and a few coins) to the gods of Roman travel, for tomorrow we go home.

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