I’m Glad The Birds Tolerate Our Presence Here

The birds here are prolific and aggressive. They’re everywhere, and will go anywhere. There is a big sign on our balcony instructing us not to leave the door open because the birds will come inside. I think the locals view them as a nuisance, to a greater extreme than rats.

We started the morning with a walk on the beach. It was a beautiful way to start the day, with sea birds and cockatoos loudly hailing the sun.

I think that people don’t mistreat the birds, so they really have no fear of us.

This fellow was enjoying his breakfast as we headed to get our own

At breakfast, we ate outside, enjoying a view of the bay. It was very idyllic.

Here’s the thing – when we told the waitress we wanted to eat outside, she seemed annoyed, and we didn’t understand why. Then, at one point in the middle of the meal, D went inside, and I followed to get a spoon, not thinking of the consequences of an unsupervised table. Upon returning there were about ten birds feasting on our plates. They ate the cake. They ate the eggs. They ate the bacon. They ate the sausage. They ate the hashbrown. They ate the cheese. They ate the pineapple. They ate almost everything, except for the toast slathered with vegemite. They won’t touch the stuff, apparently.

I sat down, serenely enjoying the mess, and eating my unopened, and thereby untouched, yogurt. The entire time, this guy stared at me, judging, waiting for me to move.

Birds are not clean eaters, but this guy wandered along and cleaned up many of the crumbs on the ground while I waited for D to return.

After breakfast, D and I surrendered the table to our avian overlords and returned to the hotel where packed for the journey home. The first flight took us from the little airstrip, which turns out to have 3 “gates,” to Sydney. The Virgin Australia seats are rocks, but they gave us a nice little egg sandwich. 

That little mediocre morsel will cost you $7 bucks back in the states.

We ended up in a holding pattern over Sydney and weren’t able to make the Opera House tour, so we just went to dinner instead. We went back to Mr Wong. I don’t generally repeat restaurants on a trip, but D had not been here and really wanted to go. I was game, as there were many options for me still to try. We had a delicious dinner of … 


Crispy Pigs Ears. Sweet and chewy and fragrant. I think D was afraid of them, but was surprised by how much he enjoyed them. He didn’t like them as much as I did, however. He preferred the … 


Peking Duck. Really amazing Peking Duck.


Waygu beef noodles. Incredibly flavorful and tender, made with homemade rice noodles.


Crispy roasted pork belly. Aromatic and crispy and tender all in one delicious bite.

After that, a walk along the harbor finished up our evening. We returned to the room, where D ordered a pillow from the menu. If you notice, they don’t have a pea gravel option. I, still bearing the scars of the experience in Dresden, just stuck with the standard pillows. They seemed the safer bet to me.






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