Autumn, 2016: Butterblogger Returns

You knew it had to happen sometime, and that time is upon us. Our days in Greece are the stuff of memory now, and the future lies ahead.

In the interim, another summer has come and passed us by. The cool breezy days of Michigan spring lingered late this year, eventually yielding to days and nights of unrelenting humid heat. But the nights are once more growing longer and cooler, and the roads call.

In the interim, I adopted chicks, that have grown into pullets, and I built them a coop. Frankly, for all the work, I probably should have just bought one. But they are a pair of gorgeous girls, who will start ovulating soon (I hope).

In the interim my summer was quiet, as Ann Arbor often is when the students are away. I spent many weekends this summer in New York, and spent a few hours (but not enough) sailing and sunburned, even passing an afternoon taking in the saline ocean air blowing across Fire Island.

In the interim I actually made an effort to adopt the dog that guided us around Phaistos, but was unsuccessful.

In the interim, I’ve been making plenty of tzadziki, Greek salads, and even some of the pide I had in Turkey.


And in the interim I yielded to an infatuation from my last trip to Italy, when we visited the Ducati factory. I didn’t mention it at the time, but I fell in love with a bike there. I stalked it for the months that followed, until finally in August I visited a dealer. My Scrambler is a fantastic bike, and I’m incredibly happy with it.

Speaking of Italy, the time has come to return. Work takes me there for a conference, but as the meeting winds down, D will be joining me for a few days in Puglia.

Travel with me, my friends, for Butterblogger is back!

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