France and Paris: Past Anxieties and Future Plans

I’m going home now, having had a fantastic trip to France, and comfortable with the knowledge that I’ve left far too much to do. Those things will have to wait for a future visit. I guess I’ll be back.

I was worried about France. The residents have a reputation of not welcoming American visitors who don’t speak the language, but that wasn’t my experience at all. They were friendly and welcoming. My fears have been assuaged.

Lyon wasn’t high on my list of cities to visit, but it was a lovely place to pass a few days and a nice low-key introduction to the country. I would happily return to her languid and luminous streets.

And in the end my time in Paris wasn’t nearly enough. I’ll be back.

I’m flying home to New York, and the food in-flight is a bit of a reality check. When I do get to New York I’ll do some laundry at my apartment before my final leg back to Detroit.

And somewhere along the way I will start to plan for my next trip in January. This one is going to be special.

I’ll see you all in 2019.



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