A Cheese Sandwich Is Terrible When You’re Thirsty

I wasn’t the only hiker on the trail today.

Actually, I wasn’t yesterday either. The first half of yesterday I was alone, but for the second half there were two other hikers heading my direction. I passed them up and was left wondering what time they got to town, given that I barely made it before sunset.

Today the driver dropped me off, together with Aiden and Martina, a couple from Switzerland and Kazakhstan, near the Geldonia Headland. This is, locally, the southernmost tip of a small peninsula, and apparently historically has been the site of numerous shipwrecks due to dangerous currents going into and coming out of the Bay of Antalya.

Aiden had joked about me hiking faster than them, but it turned out to be true. I soon lost sight of them behind me as I headed upward and into the forest, on my way to the lighthouse.

I know a lot of people who seek out lighthouses, and I understand that, but they’re not essential sites for me. Still, this one was pretty striking, painted all in white with the vibrant red of the Turkish flag waving proudly above.

The heat was already growing insufferable, so just above the lighthouse I removed the lower halves of my pants legs, converting to shorts. I might have relaxed there for a bit, but an aggressive bee motivated me to resume my hike.

I don’t have much to say about today’s hike, as I mostly just followed the coastline in a northerly direction.

The path took me through pine forest and across fields of rock.

Around me flowers dotted the earth.

For the most part, the trail markings were clear and I only got off track once, and just briefly.

It was only a 10 mile hike, so I knew I had plenty of time, pausing at will and resting my feet. When oncoming hikers approached, I gladly stepped aside and yielded the path to them. And I took plenty of time to eat the lunch they make for me every day, which has generally been a cheese sandwich. From a nutritional standpoint this makes sense. Practically, however, it’s terrible.

See, they’re a bit stingy about the water here, and the last thing you want to eat when you’re thirsty is a cheese sandwich. The cheese and bread are both dry. It’s like eating a desiccant wrapped in a sponge. It’s dry upon dry.

Passing over the saddle, the descent was steep for about 10 minutes, and after that became more gradual.

Eventually rain started falling, and I broke out my rain gear. I had debated even bringing it on this trip, as no rain was in the forecast, but today justified all of those decisions.

Finally, the trails opened to roads and the walking grew easier still.

By the time I reached the shores of Adrasan Bay, the bright golden disk of the sun had reemerged and the rain had stopped entirely.

And I returned to my hotel for a much needed rest, not having crossed paths with Aiden or Martina again.

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