In Which Everything Goes Great

I jumped into the water and began my descent, all the while watching the screen of my former backup dive computer, now in the starring role. I wondered briefly when it would wake up and do its thing, and after about 10 seconds I had my answer as it sprung to life and started feeding me data on depth, time, and temperature.

Even my ear equalized OK. I was good to go!

It rained again this morning, but I didn’t care because my two dives went smoothly and went off without glitches, even featuring a couple of highlights, including this turtle.

This arrow crab.

This electric ray.

And this shy toadfish, which the island of Cozumel is known for.

During the afternoon I walked to town and ducked into the Museum of the Island of Cozumel when rain began to threaten. It was interesting to hear about the history prior to the arrival of the Spanish.

I learned that, although the history states the first people arrived here 200 BC, they have also found a skull that dated to 13,000 BC. I also learned that Cozumel was a trade center for the entire region, ranging from northern parts of present-day Mexico, to well into Central America. And somewhere in my high school history classes I learned, and later forgot, that once upon a time the US talked of buying this land, and they reminded me of that here today.

Locally, there is a stingless honeybee, and this is how they used to harvest honey.

And this is a reconstruction of the Mirmar Temple, dedicated to fertility. In the foreground is the original central column.

Overall, this was an enjoyable way to pass an hour and learn something about this beautiful island that is otherwise overrun with tourists.

I ate an early dinner then and headed back, under the setting sun, to my hotel for the evening.

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