Unpacking from the Trip I Didn’t Take

Greetings, readers! Labor Day is now well behind us and the summer days are winding to a close. This means the rains of fall have returned to Ann Arbor, night is falling quickly, the overnight temperatures are dipping ever further toward winter, and the morning drive is darker. I can feel the seasons pressing forward in their implacable pace, and with that change comes once more urge to explore.

Butterblogger is back, my friends, and ready to venture back out into the world.

When last I blogged (in March), I was expecting to take a trip in May. Things, however, didn’t turn out as planned, and events compelled me to end that journey before it had really even begun. I had traveled only as far as the lounge in Paris, and then, without even a glass of Champagne, I turned around to tend to more pressing matters at home.

The details are my own to keep, but I will leave you with these words: I value travel, new experiences, meeting new people, food, history, photography, and telling the tales that go with these things. But above all, the foundational people in our lives, the ones we love, are paramount. They stand above any days wandering Stockholm or hiking in the Swedish Archipelago. Their needs are our needs, their troubles trouble us, their wounds wound us, and their maladies assail our hearts and minds.

And so, we tend to our loved ones and care for them, not for personal gain, but because we must. This is the most sacred of duties. Put simply: it’s what we do.

And in doing so, in fulfilling such hallowed trusts, it turns out we care for ourselves.

I regret nothing about that trip, a trip I didn’t take, and a journey that exists only as a concept, unrealized, in my mind.

Sweden can wait.

In May, I was where I was needed, and that was where I needed to be. And now we are all okay.

As I write this, processing so much of what has taken place, I am on a plane bound for The King’s England and a conference in London. The Queen has just slipped her mortal coil, and I’m sure the city will be quite a mess for the funeral, but from my perspective, I’m happy to finally get a vacation, a real vacation. I’m absolutely giddy. My committee-work, which occupied so much time over the last few years (especially the last) has finally concluded, so Thursdays will once more be available and my free blocks will once again encompass complete weeks.

And I promise you, I have quite a year coming up.

Join me, my friends. London awaits, and more (of course).

One last note to my readers: You all really are the best. Just by knowing you are there, you have become a force that drives me to record my memories and a presence that sustains me. I truly value you – you dogged few who show up regularly to read a tiny blog filled with first world problems. You are extraordinary. Thank you so much for stopping by.

With Love (really),


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