Not Trying Too Hard is Sometimes Just Right

One of the challenges I have when traveling is recognizing when it’s time to stop packing stuff into the agenda.

Every day isn’t a competition to do as much as I can, and I have to remind myself of that sometimes.

Some days are more about the place than a specific site.

This was one of those days – a day not to push but just to enjoy, so we decided to stay in town.

Positano is largely closed down this time of year, which I guess is a mixed blessing. There a fewer tourists getting in our way, and less overall rumor and din. But less is open to see or do, which can create challenges.

The morning started with had a lovely walk down to the beach, where we had eaten dinner last night.

Lisa collected sea glass (and some sea ceramics) and in due time we began the trek back to the hotel, high on the cliffside.

As we moved along I grew hungry, but nothing was open anywhere along our path, so we finally had to climb well past the hotel to find a restaurant, where I enjoyed eggplant parmesan and an unrivaled view.

Back at the hotel for siesta, the rain started falling, torrentially, as we took shelter. It was likely to rain most of the night, I discovered. There would be a clearing of the weather in the morning, and then more rain. We would have limited dry time, so would need to prioritize what to do tomorrow.

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