In Which We Weep

I sometimes finish the blog late. Often I write the last post long after the fact, and date it to the actual date. I do this because I want to be able to follow the timeline. And I try post photos only from the day of my post. But not today. Notre Dame burned today, […]

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In Which I Decide To Clean Up

I didn’t even consider taking photos in the bath, so any of the following images of the interior come from TripAdvisor. I don’t actually have permission to use them, so if they disappear you’ll know why. The clean white dome of the ceiling arched overhead, broken only by concentric circles of cutout royal blue stars, […]

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Its OK That I’ve Been Here Before

The Hagia Sophia is simply enormous. Entering, we step across the large, rutted marble threshold, which bears the attrition of millions of footsteps over tens of centuries, and the vast space opens up like a monumental breath. The sudden gush of air forces its way into our lungs like an atmosphere under too much pressure. […]

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