All The Tea All The Time

I woke before the sun had passed the horizon and looked out the window from our hotel in Munnar, high in the Western Ghats. The dark green shadows of a stirring countryside lay before me, nestled under a downy haze and the pale pink precipice of a precocious morning sky. We had only spent one […]

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In Which I Keep Tasting Things

The three of us walked out of the Ayurvedic center and climbed into the car afraid to touch anything. We had all just spent nearly two hours getting Ayurvedic massages, during which we were drenched from head to toe in fragrant oils. Taking our seats for the ride to the hotel involved us all holding […]

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In Which A People Goes Away

It was with some trepidation that I typed the words “Jew Town” into my phone. That phrasing just feels dirty to me, as though it is painted with racism and discrimination, although I don’t think it is or was when the name was first applied. And I was somehow surprised and validated when “Jew Town […]

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The Unexpected Things I Learn

As I returned to the parking lot in search of Ramesh, I was once again accosted by vendors. I had enjoyed my visit to Fatephur Sikri and was ready to move on. While I scoured the lot for our van, the hawkers just wouldn’t go away, so this time I tried a different tack. I […]

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