Sometimes You Gotta Know A Guy

There are some experiences that I only have when I travel with D. For example – we got to visit a car impound lot this morning. Not everybody gets to do that.  Our day had begun with a walk past the opera house (Teatro Massimo) to the Capo Market, in search of local specialties such […]

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Let The Race Begin

We had been standing outside the pizzeria for well over an hour, when D said we should give up, and I agreed. We were approaching the temporal limits of being able to get some pizza from Antica Pizzeria da Michele and still catch our flight to Palermo. Periodically the host would come out and rattle […]

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October 2017, The Road Awaits

It is October, my friends, and the days have grown short. We are well into autumn, and a quiet comfortable summer has finally drawn to a close.  Fall began with a hot spell that continues still. As the first days of the season passed on the calendar, the nights were hot when they should have […]

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Really, It’s A Synagogue

Far too quickly, this trip is wrapping up. Today was my last full day, and I started the morning with a quick breakfast and a return train to Budapest. I finally understood something that happened on my outward trip. On that trip, the conductor came through and checked my ticket, and later in the trip […]

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In A Place of Broken Walls

I feel as though I’m starting the days a little later when I travel now, and I’m not trying to cram quite as much into a day, although that may reflect the fact that Bratislava is a smaller city, with fewer things for a tourist to do. As I consider this, I’m finding that it’s […]

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