Jambo from Kenya

When I checked into the hotel they asked, seemingly as a matter of routine, when my next flight was. That’s what happens when you stay at the airport hotel – they assume you are going somewhere else (because no matter how nice it may be, there’s usually not any other good reason to stay at […]

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Preparing for the Rains

I bought the ticket for this flight back in November, and only after completing the purchase did I wonder, “Is that a good time to go to Kenya?” As it turns out, this isn’t generally considered a great time to visit East Africa, because April and May are the season of long rains. To be […]

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In Which I Make Decisions

Some people could never imagine traveling alone and spending a week apart from others. I used to think I didn’t want to be somebody who would travel alone, but I’ve long since gotten over that. I love traveling with my friends, and I love traveling by myself. Both approaches have their advantages. I welcome friends […]

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