Risking It All In Old Delhi

The streets of Old Delhi are like nothing I have seen before. When I think of the most densely occupied places I have visited, with their street markets and vendors and utter crush of humanity pressing in on all sides, nothing comes close. In terms of bodies pressing on bodies, Naples at its busiest has […]

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London Calling

I didn’t truly know what I was seeing, but I had a hunch. When I booked this itinerary, I wasn’t entirely enthusiastic about a 12 hour layover in London. I’ve been to this city twice and just haven’t fallen in love with it. Still, I spoke with some friends who are enamored with her and […]

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The Pre-Trip Before the Trip

It was well past midnight when I stepped off of the E train and climbed the stairs, materializing at the corner of 40th Street and 8th Avenue. Like a big comforting Borg ship, the energy and power of Manhattan Island embraced me, enfolded me, and assimilated me into its very being. The City is massive, […]

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Who Could View Me As Suspicious?

I checked out of my Haarlem hotel, stepping with my backpack into the brisk Dutch morning and eschewing the generic breakfast. Today was a Sunday and as I wended my way down the gold-illumined streets, I quickly found there was little open. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been so confident. Still, after some meandering I found […]

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In Which I Finally Slow Down

I walked onto the train platform at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, and the agent in a yellow coat urged me quicken my pace. There was no time for question or clarification, she insisted. “Go. Go now, or you will miss your train!” And I hurried into one of the nearest, neatly packed cars, to begin my […]

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