Another Day Not To Go To Naples

The press of the buildings around me is isolating as the darkness of the Neapolitan night envelops my thoughts. The buildings reach up, seeming to blot out the tiny stretch of sky that can be seen. The crowds do nothing to abate my isolation as I comtemplate what a trip this has been. From Rome, […]

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Into the Mezzogiorno

We pressed on through the lonely streets of Brindisi, the noon hour approaching, the sun high in the sky, and I wouldn’t stop, driven maniacally forward on my mission. The variegated pavers passed below our sore feet in alternating hues, ranging from glistening white marble, to cracking aged stone, to black rock. At intervals the […]

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Trying to Talk Local

My hotel room is bad. It’s right over the kitchen, and at night I can hear them washing dishes and in the morning I hear loud banging noises. It is very frustrating. I told the receptionist this evening immediately upon returning, and she told me she couldn’t do anything because I hadn’t complained first thing […]

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