It Was Edible

Dinner is done. The options were tortellini and chicken with herb butter. I chose the chicken.

For starters there was a salad with balsamic dressing. It was rather bland.

Next there was a rubbery roll, served with a really nice creamy butter that had pleasant cheesy undertones.

The chicken itself wasn’t entirely awful, although overcooked and rather dry. The roasted vegetables didn’t have much flavor, and the potatoes, despite a nice buttery flavor, were gluey.

The cheese was a decent cheddar. Just solid, not spectacular.  Finally I ate the chocolate chocolate chip cookies. They were really yummy. I decided not to read the ingredients.

Oh, and I had white wine (a very average chardonnay) with dinner.

March 18, 2021

The in-flight food entries always leave me with mixed feelings. They are bookends to the trip, and that feels good, but they aren’t usually great posts. This one definitely isn’t, and could be merged into the other posts.

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