T-Minus 58 Minutes

The monitor in front of me says we should arrive at DTW in 58 minutes, and the flight has been marked by me watching 3 movies, sort of. They were The Social Network, a movie called Somewhere directed by Sofia Coppola, and Tangled. Social Network was really profoundly well done, and incredibly disheartening … I haven’t felt so disquieted by a movie since Quiz Show. I’m now considering boycotting FB. Tangled was a lot of fun, but I don’t think the music was as well done as the Disney movies of the early 90’s. And while the overall movie wasn’t quite up to that level of quality, it still had some really perfect moments and it’s nice to see Disney back in the animated musical business.

I have to see the movie by Coppola again. It was very sedate, much in the style of Lost in Translation, and I absolutely adore that movie. I was just too distracted to pay attention like I really needed to. I enjoyed the atmosphere, and the soundtrack was remarkable.

WRT food, I just finished my snack. Pizza in a box. It had a lump of pesto on top that was ok, but the crust sucked donkey balls. The three words that best describe it are sticky, gummy, and rubbery, all very similar words that carry slightly different connotations. On the plus side, it was made with real ingredients, so all is forgiven …. Mostly.

There was also a little cup of ice cream. It was more like frozen whipped cream or cool whip, rather than real ice cream. The ingredients here also weren’t absolutely horrendous.

I should stop reading ingredients. Either that or read them much more often.

March 18, 2021

Six entries for the trip home was way too many. This post was the most important of this group, as it really feels like it’s trying to give closure. But I didn’t know how to close out my trip at the time, as I was too focused on food.

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