Had Easter dinner with the family today.  Not a lot of comments to submit, but had to mention A few things. First, my Tsoureki was really great this year.  I let it rise longer than usual.  I’m reaching a point of making my own recipe. Hmm

The wines with dinner were from Sandhill Crane Vineyards in Jackson, MI.  They feature more hybrid grapes as opposed to vinifera, but the wines are fantastic, and they’re incredibly nice people.  We had the 2008 Dry Traminette and the 2008 Legacy, which is a blend of Chardonnay and Vignoles.  Some of us preferred the former, which had bright, tart acidity, and some preferred the butteriness of the latter.  I even liked the latter, despite my disdain for Chardonnay, as the bitterness I so often sense in it was tempered by the Vignoles.

Finally, I have to mention the potato gratin I cooked.  I used a recipe for Gratin of Yukon Gold Potatoes, Bacon and Arugula that I found on Epicurious.  I couldn’t find arugula, so instead had to substitute spinach.  Compared to the arugula, the spinach was certainly less peppery, and was also probably a little wetter.  I mention the latter because there was a lot of bubbling over around the edges, which may have been a moisture issue that wouldn’t have occurred with arugula.  Either way, the dish was really delicious, even if it wasn’t the most beautiful thing I have ever cooked.

Happy Easter!  And Drink Local!

March 18, 2021

That photo is ugly. As I work my way through these entries about food at home, I wish I was posting about travel again.

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