T-Minus 58 Minutes

The monitor in front of me says we should arrive at DTW in 58 minutes, and the flight has been marked by me watching 3 movies, sort of. They were The Social Network, a movie called Somewhere directed by Sofia Coppola, and Tangled. Social Network was really profoundly well done, and incredibly disheartening … I […]

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It Was Edible

Dinner is done. The options were tortellini and chicken with herb butter. I chose the chicken. For starters there was a salad with balsamic dressing. It was rather bland. Next there was a rubbery roll, served with a really nice creamy butter that had pleasant cheesy undertones. The chicken itself wasn’t entirely awful, although overcooked […]

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Pretzels and….

In the air somewhere over the UK. They just brought the beverage cart by. With the pretzels, I will have … A Heineken. And I’m watching The Social Network . The beer was definitely a better choice than diet coke. I’m sitting next to the kitchen, and something smells burned. There is no cute little […]

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The E’s Have It!

I’m in the air over Europe now, zooming from VIE to AMS in an E190. The flight attendant just brought me a Coca Cola Light, and “Delicious Treats.” On the left, in the yellow package, are Cheese Biscuits. They’re light, airy, and crispy with a pleasant cheddar flavor. The ingredients include colors E100, E160b, and […]

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Made It In Under Weight

My bags are checked. I actually had 3 kilos to spare, so repacked a few things from the carry on into the main suitcase. No need lugging extra weight if I don’t need to. I board in 20 minutes and am ready for this last leg… “Roads go ever ever on Under cloud and under […]

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