Worst Way to End the Trip

Well I’ve done it again. Another late post. I’m posting this in December. This time the post wasn’t even completed … But there is a good reason. So I’ve finished it to the best of my recollection ….

Here goes…

This morning I feel better – markedly better. Not 100% but I’m at a solid 90 and ready to go. I am out of the hotel before 7, and note that the evening’s festivities are still ongoing and drunks are still wending their respective ways home from the bar. I must come back someday when I’m feeling better.

The metro whisks me effortlessly back to the airport where I retrieve my bags and confirm that the contents are intact. I check in and file my tax free paperwork.

In the lounge I have a yogurt and a pastry, as well as a ginger ale and another Bitter Rosso. Things are definitely better. I use this opportunity to change into traveling clothes and then am off to board my flight.

The second person on board, I am greeted with champagne.


After takeoff I have my warm toasty nuts and this time I avoid the Chardonnay, going directly for the Chenin Blanc.

The antipasto includes bresaola, pecorino Romano, artichoke and olives, mushroom soup, and a salad. Generally things are good — even the mushroom soup. I’m not a mushroom person but I am ok with this. And still feeling reasonably well.


For dinner I have the chicken. I would have chosen the tenderloin, but those have all been spoken for. I’m ok with this, as I wasn’t enthusiastic about the mashed sweet potatoes. The lemon sauce is nice. There is a good acidity to it that I enjoy. The cous cous and peas are … Cous cous and peas.

Somewhere in here I am getting some degree of headache and I eschew any additional alcohol. That doesn’t stop me from taking dessert though. I’m hopeful that the sugar infusion and lots of water will help.

After dessert I try to sleep, but shortly thereafter wake up with a raging migraine. Oh this is bad. Very bad. I try to hydrate and sleep it off. We are getting closer to NYC. When the snack comes I politely decline. I can eat nothing and don’t want to move, even to find the meds in the bin above me.

Eventually, sometime after the snack, with about an hour of flight left, I find the motivation to seek out meds. I want excedrin but know that I have had alcohol too recently and this is not the right choice, so I go for the ibuprofen.

We land at JFK and I am feeling better. Not normal, but better. I make it painlessly through customs and misnavigate the airport, taking the airtrain to federal circle before coming back to Terminal 2. There I go to the lounge and try to find something to settle my stomach. Water and ginger ale is all I can do, as well as some snack mix. Somewhere in here I remembered that I was traveling with Zofran. I took some and started to improve more.

The flight to Detroit was easy. I slept through most of it (nothing is as exhausting as a breaking migraine) and eventually made it home.

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